Lime PC is demonstrating a number of PCs and portable devices featuring the same scalable architecture – computers with various form factors all run the same Freescale processor, share many of the same components and feature Lime's customised Linux interface.

The first model - the Thin PC - is a small format computer running a customised version of the Debian Linux OS. The production version of the system will run a combination of local and online applications – no firm details are available as yet, but it could encourage users to run an online office suite such as Zoho or Thinkfree, rather than relying on a local copy of OpenOffice, for example.

Lime Thin PC

In addition to the tiny desktop PC, Lime is showing three handheld units, all running the same low-power Freescale processor that's found in the Thin PC. The first of them, a UMPC, has a 5.5in touchscreen offering 1024 x 600 resolution. It features an on-screen soft keyboard, and supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Two smaller models complete the line-up – one with a 4in screen and another with a 3in display. The only major difference between the two smaller units and the UMPC, apart from the size, is that they'll include 4GB or 8GB flash drives. The UMPC has a traditional 1.8in hard disk drive.

The Lime spokesperson we talked to wasn't sure of the target market for these systems, although suggested the Thin PC would make a decent second PC for the home. All of them are expected to hit the US market this year; there's no word on a UK launch as yet.

Lime Handheld PC