Crucial Technology, also known as Lexar Media following the merger of the two specialist memory companies, is plugging the benefits of SSD-based memory backups via its new line of Express Cards, ahead of its own line of external flash memory cards.

At a product briefing this morning, Crucial showed PC Advisor its newly-minted Lexar-branded line of external USB flash drives, including the Secure II Plus. This USB drive has a capacity meter running down its length enabling the owner to see, at a glance, roughly how much of the total space is available. This saves the need to plug it in to check there’s whether sufficient space to copy files. The Lexar Secure II Plus also includes security software and a file backup utility for rescuing photos.

However, what really intrigued us about the latest Lexar line-up was that it’s seemingly heading away from external memory in favour of internal plug-in cards. The company says these are intended to make backing up a notebook a simple affair, with software to automate the backup process included on the 4GB Lexar Express Card product. This enables the user to back up their work daily or weekly at a time to suit.

Interestingly, we note that the 4GB Lexar Express Card, which the company is touting for backup purposes, is packaged as an SSD (solid state disk) card. SSD is another term of flash memory and is known as solid state because, in contrast to other types of hard disk, it has no moving parts.

This makes it particular attractive for mobile use where delicate hard disks can easily come a cropper. Flash memory has begun to make its way on to notebooks. Samsung’s Q1 Ultra, Dell’s ATG D620, Fujitsu’s P1610 and Sony’s Vaio UX1 all have SSD hard disk-based notebooks.

At present Lexar and Crucial’s websites are separate entities, though we were assured that this won’t remain the case, with Lexar products being sold on the Crucial website. The Crucial and Lexar brands will remain in use and support for Lexar and Crucial products has now been centralised.