Compro VideoMate T1000W HD Network Media Centre PC It's been a while since we've seen a brand-new media centre - Sony's Vaio all-in-one PCs and the HP Touchsmart all in one PCs having largely filled this niche. However, Compro is banking on consumer interest in high-definition video and offers H.264 playback on its VideoMate T1000W HD Network Media Centre.

The T1000W has a Full HD 1,920x1,080p flatpanel display, a DVB-T TV tuner, HDMI and S-Video connections, wireless LAN and Ethernet. The Network Media Centre comes with up to 1TB of storage and wireless g networking.

As well as showing off content stored locally, the media centre acts as a Connected TV, optimising web pages from a preset list of sources. It also includes a BitTorrent client so partially downloaded video clips can start playing while the remainder finishes downloading in the background. A silent fan ensures your enjoyment is not marred by background whirring as you listen to music or watch a film.

As well as H.264 video, the Compro VideoMate media centre can play Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2 and Mpeg-4 video, WMV9 and AVI, VOB and MKV files. WMA, WAV and MP3 audio are supported, while photos saved as Jpeg images can be viewed as a slideshow.

The media centre has its own interface and programme guide and comes with a remote control.

Available now in the UK from retailers including CCL Online, Scan, Micro Direct, Maplin and others.

Full details of the device can be found at

Compro VideoMate T1000W HD Network Media Centre PC