Asus is set to launch another 10.2in model in its line-up of Eee PC mini laptops.

The Asus Eee S101 will go onsale in September with a price tag of $900 (£450), making it the most expensive Eee PC to date. The Eee PC range was originally conceived as a line of very low cost laptops with limited specifications but long battery life.

Like the Eee PC 901 and 1000, the Asus 'Ultimate' Eee PC S1010 laptop is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor. This is where the similarities with its stablemates ends, however.

Instead, Asus seems to be positioning the S101 as more of an ultraportable subnotebook - much like Apple's MacBook Air. In fact, Asus' president Jerry Shen even unveiled the Eee PC S101 in a similar manner to the MacBook Air, dramatically sliding it out from inside a manila envelope.

The S101 will have either an 32GB or a 64GB SSD (solid state drive) rather than a hard disk drive, so there will be no moving internal parts to go wrong. The 32GB SSD version will $699 (£350), while the 64GB model will cost £450. Graphics will be handled by a 945GME graphics chip.

Asus Ultimate Eee PC S101 mini laptop

The Asus Ultimate Eee PC S101 mini laptop has an SSD hard disk and is being positioned as more of a designer laptop than other models in the Eee PC range