Asus has launched a 16in laptop that promises both graphics firepower and a long battery life. The Asus Optimus N61JV is the first laptop to use nVidia's new Optimus technology. 

nVidia Optimus gives the processor a boost when it needs it but otherwise provides only as much power as is needed. The idea is that the battery lasts longer than it otherwise would have while power is not unduly compromised. This means the Asus N61JV laptop – the first model to sport the Optimus technology – is able to offer high performance graphics handling, whereas similarly-specced laptops would struggle.

Optimus technology toggles between using the 1GB GeForce GT532M dedicated graphics (which draw more power) and using the integrated graphics controller built in to the 2.27GHz Intel Core i5 processor.

Other important aspects of the 16in Asus laptop include a 4GB RAM, a Blu-ray drive, 500GB hard disk, 64bit Windows 7 Home Premium and wireless n networking. The laptop also sports USB 3.0.

The Asus N61JV laptop is available now and costs from £949 inc VAT.