Asus will start selling its Eee PC Touch T91 in the UK around two months from now. Asus also says that the 8.9in touchscreen netbook will cost "under £500 including VAT" - somewhat more than the rumoured £330 price tag other tech sites have mentioned.

Shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show and the CeBit trade show, there was talk at one stage of the touchscreen convertible going onsale as early as late March. Now, however, Asus says a time frame of May or June is realistic.

Asus continues to be one of the biggest innovators of the moment and is forging ahead with marrying touchscreen and mobile devices. One of the most interesting, the Asus Eee PC Touch T91, combines the usefulness of a convertible tablet PC with full laptop keyboard, with the relatively small proportions of a mobile internet device. In fact, when the T91's screen is laid flat, the device bears a striking resemble to the OQO e2+.

The 8.9in Touch T91 eschews the bulk of most tablet PCs, however, by weighing little more than 1.1kg. It will win fans, too, by having a proper size keyboard rather than the fairly cramped, clacking plastic keys commonly found on theses low-cost, low-spec devices.

Asus confirmed today that the Eee PC Touch T91 will be one of the first netbook-sized devices that uses a 1GHz Intel Z520 processor, rather than the Intel Atom N270 that powered most such products until now. It's thought that this will be suitable to run the Windows 7 operating system, when it launches later this year.

It will have 1GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD (solid state drive) and an SD Card slot. A TV tuner and GPS satnav functionality will be offered as optional extras.

Asus Eee PC Touch T91