Advent Centurion CPQ9204 gaming PC PC World has launched three new PCs including a £799 Centurion gaming PC that runs Windows 7 and has a quad-core processor.

The Advent Centurion CPQ204 is the first machine PC has launched with a transparent chassis so users can admire the high-spec components inside. These include 1.5GB nVidia GT230 graphics card.

The Advent Centurion packs 6GB of DDR2 RAM and the usual DVD writer and Wi-Fi connectivity found on most machines.

As with the current CP9104 Advent Centurion gaming laptop listed on, the new model can be bought as a standalone PC or with a choice of monitors. A 22in widescreen LG flatpanel screen, keyboard and mouse are included in the £799 asking price, but customers can elect the buy the Centurion sans screen for £649.99. 

Advent Centurion CPQ9204 gaming PC