Tooway modem

Broadband delivered via satellite is becoming affordable, with Eutelsat today announcing new packages that start at just £19.99 a month. Visit Broadband Advisor.

For the uninitiated satellite broadband is exactly what it sounds like: broadband delivered to a dish from a satellite. It is ideal for those people stuck far from the traditional phone exchange: if you can see the sky, you can get satellite broadband. And the 'up to' speeds are closer to the mark than in traditional copper-based broadband. Get the best broadband deals.

Traditionally the problem has been twofold - an unsightly dish on your house and the cost. The cost of setup can be expensive, and the monthly fees too. But as more people take up satellite the prices are coming down. The £20 deal is only 2Mbps and just 2GB of data a month - so only for light surfers, but 20-meg and 10-gig costs just £29.99 a month, and you can offset the set up costs by paying £6 a month equipment rental. When you consider that you don't have to pay phoneline rental that's a very competitive deal.

The new packages are called Tooway S, M, L and XL. You can purchase through service providers from February 1.

Eutelsat is also introducing an unlimited data service, called Tooway Absolute, for the first 20,000 customers across Europe. Customers subscribing to the L and XL service will also be entitled to uncapped data usage overnight, allowing video and large files to be downloaded without impacting daytime data allowances.

Jean-François Fenech, General Manager of Eutelsat's Broadband Business Unit, said: "These new Tooway packages are another huge step forward in making universal high speed broadband an immediate reality for Europe.

"The fastest speeds and most generous data packages at the best competitive rates can be delivered in a matter of days, regardless of location. The outlook for consumers in Europe’s most digitally deprived areas just got much brighter."

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