Speaker specialist Teufel is making its debut in the UK with the launch of several high-end home theatre systems, some iPod docks and these 2.1 audio PC speakers. The €299 Motiv 2 system works with both PCs and Macs.

German speaker company Teufel has been in business since 1979. As well as making some extremely loud THX-certified speakers that are every bit as loud and booming as those in the cinema (we had a private demonstration and are still trembling from the experience), Teufel makes speaker sets that won't cause structural damage.

The Motiv 2 consists of a huge but attractive white or black subwoofer that sits under your desk while the stereo speakers sit either side of a sleek PC or Mac display. Resembling obscure 1970s children's book character Ludwig The Egg, the domed speakers each have a tweeter and four mid-range drivers.

Each speaker can pump out 50 Watts while the 200 Watt amplifier supplies 100 Watts to the 25cm bass speaker on the subwoofer.

According to Teufel, with other computer speaker manufacturers such as Creative and Logitech seemingly out the picture, it seemed a good time to launch a product of this type as "there was a gap in the market for cost effective speakers that could deliver high quality sound through a PC or Mac". 

Onsale now direct from teufel.eu, all Teufel speakers are backed by a 12-year replacement warranty. The Motiv 2 speaker set costs €299.

Teufel Motiv 2 computer speakers

Teufel Motiv 2 satellite speaker