Sony Walkman W250 sports MP3 player Sony is promoting its new Walkman music player range as the best it's ever produced for fitness fans keen to enjoy getting (back) in shape.

The "perfect sporting partner" takes the form of a neckband with a 2GB or 4GB MP3 player attached. The player is a similar size to a Bluetooth headset and weighs 43g. Designed to be worn as you work out, the W250 music player has no dangling cables for you to get entangled in.

A fast charging feature sees a three-minute blast of power resulting in 90 minutes of music playback. From a full charge, Sony says the Walkman W250 can last for up to 11 hours.

Playlists can be set up in advance so you can match the tempo of the tracks to the pace of your exercise regime. If you feel a particular track isn't working you can press the jog button to skip it and move on to another song or switch to a different album or playlist.

We are particularly intrigued by Sony's new Zappin song search technology that allows you to accept or reject a song to play based on a snippet of audio. The Walkman scans through songs it has stored and, when it has got the measure of your mood, be that determined or in need of chivvying up, plays tracks that match it.

The Sony Walkman W250 comes in four colours, lime green, vibrant pink, white and black. The waterproof players can be used for extreme workouts and won't mind getting covered in sweat. They can be rinsed under a tap without suffering any damage.

The W252 model has a 2GB capacity while the W254 version offers 4GB of music storage. The Sony Walkman players can play non DRM-protected tracks from an iTunes library as well as MP3 and other common audio formats. Albums, playlists and individual tracks can be dragged to the player's hard disk when it's plugged in to a Mac or PC.

Both versions of the Sony Walkman W250 player are set to go onsale in the UK in late May. They will come with in-ear earphones and a charging stand. A protective pouch can be bought separately.

Sony Walkman W250 sports MP3 player

The Sony Walkman W250 MP3 player comes with its own charging stand


Sony Walkman W250 sports MP3 player

Three minutes of charging will result in 90 minutes of use, so there's little excuse not to complete your exercise routine


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