Sony has unveiled its CMT-V75BTiP compact Hi-Fi system for Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Sony's CMT-V75BTiP has a pointlessly complicated name but offers a retractable docking connector for Apple products, wireless streaming via Bluetooth, a DAB+ radio and a CD player in one unit. The CMT-V75BTiP will go on sale in June and cost around £230, according to Sony.

Matt Coupe, audio product manager at Sony said: "With the CMT-V75BTiP Hi-Fi systems, we’ve paired iconic design with exceptional audio quality,"

"This Hi-Fi system not only offers exceptional depth and clarity of sound, it’s also an elegant, beautiful object in its own right. And with a range of intelligent features built in – for example, very few rival systems feature a dock that is iPad compatible – it’s the perfect blend of style and substance, form and function."

According to Sony the Hi-Fi will simply sit on a flat surface but can also be wall mounted. The firm touts crystal clear sound from the damperless speakers which use 'Magnetic Fluid' technology for less distortion and better clarity in the mid-to-high end.

Sony said because the speaker has no damper the speakers are more slimline which enables the overall unit to be more compact.

Sony CMT-V75BTiP