Sonos Play:1

Sonos is a leader in the wireless Hi-Fi market but has always been for those with deep pockets. The Play:1 eliminates the barrier with a the firm's cheapest price of £169, matching the Pure Jongo S3.

The Play:1 is the latest addition to the Sonos speaker range which includes the Play:3 and Play:5. This pint sized wireless speaker is the cheapest and most versatile yet allowing consumers to get into the wireless Hi-Fi game.

For the Play:1 to work wirelessly around the house it requires a Sonos Bridge, a small white box which plugs into your router. The good news is that Sonos will bundle one for free with the Play:1 if you buy one before Christmas.

Being small, the Play:1 means you can get Sonos into those small spaces which the Play:3 is too big for. It's perfect for kitchens, bedside tables or shelves, to name a few examples. It still packs a punch with a forward facing tweeter and a mid-range driver each with a Class-D amplifier.

Versatility continues since the Play:1 can be made into a stereo pair if you buy two or as rear surround speakers with the Playbar. As usual, the speaker comes in black and white models and it comes with an ethernet port and the ability to wall mount.

In a slight design rejig Sonos has decided to replace the physical mute button on the Play:1 with a play/pause button. And a double press skips the track you're listening to. A software update will bring this functionality to all previous Sonos equipment.

Sonos is continually expanding the range of music service which can be used on its system, with the most recent addition being Amazon's Cloud Player.

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