SMS Audio has announced that its Sync headphones created by hip-hop artist 50 Cent will launch in the UK next month.

The range of headphones will go on sale on 1 May with distributor Kondor with prices starting at £99. Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, made an appearance at The Gadget Show Live to introduce the range.

The top of the range model is Sync which is a wireless pair of headphones prices at £299. They have professionally tuned 40mm drivers, active EQ, on-board controls, microphone and a dongle providing 16-bit lossless audio wirelessly.

Both the dongle and headphones have rechargeable batteries for up to 18 hours of use. Interestingly you can sync up to four pairs of headphones to one source.

50 Cent said: "They're not just good for hip-hop; they're good for music in general." He also said that it was important to maintain quality and allow users to hear music the way it was intended to be heard.

The headphones rival Dr.Dre's Beats headphones but 50 Cent said: "Beats by Dr.Dre is the same family."

Sync by 50

A wired version of the Sync headphones called Street will retail for £199 with the same 40mm driver but loses the on-board controls, microphone and of course wireless dongle. In-ear Street wired headphones are the cheapest of the range at £99. These have an 11mm driver and in-line volume control and microphone.

Gadget Show Live 2012 50 Cent Sync