Samsung has launched the TicToc MP3 Player. The tiny digital audio device measures 36mm, meaning it'll easily fit in the palm of your hand, and has already had a starring role in the video to teen star Pixie Lott's new track, Broken Arrows.

Available in either 2GB or 4GB capacities, it comes in two colours; blue and pink, both of which come with a pair of matching in-ear headphones and three different decorative shells that can be slotted over the MP3 player.

Simply shake the device to shuffle the tracks and flip it vertically to adjust the volume. Alternatively, its single button allows users to skip tracks and go backwards and forwards through folder of music depending upon the number of times it is pressed.

A built-in clip ensures it can be positioned anywhere on your person and the Mini app software, which can be installed on your PC, features 'Tempo Analysis,' technology which will cleverly sort your music into fast and slow songs allowing you with a few shakes to automatically choice either as a playlist.

The MP3 player will even offers an audio alert as to the name of the track and the artist.

"The Samsung Tic Toc is the cutest MP3 player ever! It's officially my new favourite accessory and the perfect size to take with me wherever I go. What I really love about it is I can control my music whilst I'm dancing by shaking it to skip tracks", said the singer.

The Samsung Tic Toc is available now and priced at £39.99.

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