Samsung has launched the Galaxy Player 50, an MP3 player based around the Google Android smartphone operating system. The Samsung Galaxy 50 can be customised with apps downloaded from the Android Marketplace.

The Galaxy Player 50 features a 3.2in touchscreen and comes in either 8GB or 16GB capacities. Support for a microSD card means the MP3 players' memory can be expanded by up to 32GB. As well as downloading apps, users can also surf the web using the integrated browser which supports Flash. A 2Mp camera is built in to the Galaxy Player 50.

Samsung has also unveiled the Q3 – a media player finished in aluminium that comes in either 4GB or 8GB capacities and two colour variations (white and pink, and black and silver) and the U6, which features a an inbuilt 'slide and hide' USB connector and comes in black or hot pink, with storage options of 2GB or 4GB.

"Samsung is excited to be announcing the launch of the Galaxy Player 50, a new addition to our MP3 portfolio, and an extension to the popular Galaxy family. That, combined with the recently launched U6 and Q3 means that whether it's music, games or videos people are into, there really is something for everyone."

The Samsung Galaxy Player 50 is priced at £149.99 and available for pre-order from online retailers including and Amazon.

The Samsung Q3 is priced at £59 while the Samsung U6 costs £39. Both devices are already onsale.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 50

The Samsung U6 MP3 player

The Samsung Q3 MP3 player

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