What's the point of being able to play catch-up with the TV programmes you've missed if you can only view them on the PC to which you've downloaded them?

So goes the logic of Samsung, which has announced the imminent launch of its first BBC iPlayer-compatible MP3 video player. The Q1 Diamond can play up to 4 hours of video or 30 hours of music between charges. It has a 2.4in QVGA (240x320-pixel) screen and comes in capacities between 4GB and 16GB.

Paul Scott, Samsung's product manager for camcorder and MP3, said: "We are excited to announce the launch of the Samsung Q1 Diamond offering our customers a unique design and premium multimedia experience in one device with portable access to BBC iPlayer. This product embodies our future plans for the MP3 range which focuses on combining the best in style and design with cutting edge technology".
As well as playing video saves as WMV (Windows Media Video) format or Mpeg4, the Diamond Q1 can play MP3, WMA, Flac and Ogg Vorbis music. It will have an FM radio and include a voice recorder.

While lossless MP3 is not supported, the 61g Samsung player includes a technology known as DNSe 3.0 that is able to upscale the music playback quality and restore the missing sound range. The player also analyses the type of music being played and automatically adjusts the equaliser settings for optimal playback.

The Samsung Q1 Diamond MP3 player is expected to hit the shops in late November or early December.

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Samsung Diamond Q1 portable music player