Revo Heritage Deluxe DAB Table Radio Revo has come up with a solidly-reassuring, wood-surround DAB digital radio that combines the best of modern technology with the durable build quality of radio's golden years.

The walnut-clad Heritage Deluxe Table Radio offers pin-sharp DAB radio reception, is Wi-Fi-enabled so you can tune in to any of the thousands of internet radio broadcasts available and acts as both a docking station and a speaker for an iPod or iPhone.

We like the fact it has a bang-up-to-date Oled display, while the joystick you use to select stations is, if anything, reminiscent of 80s games. There are plenty of buttons for inveterate twiddlers but there's also a remote control so you can languidly turn up the Revo Heritage's 7 Watt speaker to its max.

The £229 price tag is quite steep, but you get a three-month subscription when you first buy the Revo. After this it costs £3 a month.

The Heritage Deluxe Table Radio is available now for £229 from

Revo Heritage Deluxe DAB Table Radio