Radiopaq is joining the throng of internet radio brands, with the launch of a £250 combined web and DAB/FM radio.

The Radiopaq RP5 works over Wi-Fi, so users can listen to internet radio without having to be in hearing range of their PC.

The Radiopaq RP5 is a black and silver box that enables online radio fans to connect to its existing web portal. Users can search for internet radio stations by name, genre, geographical location and language. Station details are displayed on the radio's 3.2in screen. News headlines, weather and traffic information can also be displayed on the device's screen.

The RP5 internet radio has a 5-way speaker system that offers 25 Watts of bass and 15 Watts per channel of mid-range.

DAB and FM radio stations can also be accessed, either by manually tuning in to them or selecting a station by name. A USB port  on the Radiopaq device also allows users to enjoy tracks from their MP3 player.A remote control can be used to skip through tracks or stations when you're not close enough to the RP5 unit to twiddle its knobs.

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Radiopaq RP5 internet and DAB radio