Digital radio specialist Pure has launched a Wi-Fi internet radio that is ruggedised for use outdoors even if the British summer turns to rain.

The £169 aluminium-framed Pure Oasis Flow is clad in a splashproof plastic finish and has protective rubber seals around its edges. Its knobs are covered in rubber and its vents are waterproof.

Pure says the Oasis Flow can be used at the beach, in the garden, in a bathroom and in other locations where there's no guarantee it won't get wet. However, the Wi-Fi, DAB, FM and internet radio should not be used with a mains power source in a bathroom or similar location. Instead, there's a rechargeable battery pack, known as a ChargePAK, that can be used to power the Pure Oasis Flow DAB radio for up to 10 hours at a stretch.

The Pure Oasis Flow has large selection dials for selecting radio stations and various settings. The Oled display on the front of the device is touch-sensitive and can be used for auxiliary menu selection. FM and DAB radio stations can be saved as preset favourites while internet stations can be selected by genre, country of broadband and so on. Pure has a dedicated team that regularly updates the radio stations available on the web, weeding out any that are no longer broadcasting and adding new ones that are launched.

As well as playing radio and web radio broadcasts, the Pure Oasis Flow acts as a speaker for any connected MP3 player, including but not exclusively iPods and iPhones. It has a USB port allowing it to be hooked up to a PC or laptop and to play music stored on its library.

The Pure Oasis Flow is an updated version of the company's original Oasis DAB radio which continues to prove popular with consumers. Flow Technology is the term Pure uses to indicate Wi-Fi connectivity on its DAB digital radios. This aspect, plus the touchscreen display and weatherproofing, build on the original Oasis model's design. An updated DAB chip has also been added for improved audio playback.