Pure has announced the i-10 - an iPod dock that connects to a radio enabling users can enjoy the music and podcasts stored on their iPods through their Pure DAB radio.

The Pure i-10 iPod dock connects with any Pure digital radio and recharges the Apple music player while it's docked. It can also work with other music players or hi-fis that have a 3.5mm stereo line in.

The Pure i-10 measures 80x80x20mm, comes in two-tone silver and black and can be controlled by the remote control supplied with it. Using this, i-10 owners can select, skip, rewind, fast forward and pause tracks

The i-10 is available from John Lewis and is priced at £29.99. It comes with both a standard UK power adaptor and a two-pin European one.

PURE i-10 iPod dock for DAB radio