Pure has unveiled the Highway 300Di, an in-car DAB device that upgrades 'almost any car radio' to accept digital radio broadcasts.

The gadget, which is priced at £179.99 and is exclusively available from Halfords, comprises a compact interface box that can be installed in a discreet location, such as a glove box or behind the vehicle's dashboard, along with a glass mountable dual aerial which is fixed to both sides of the windscreen to obtain the best possible signal, and a removable controller unit and bracket, which is mounted to the dash and features an LED display that allows users to control the stations they're listening to.

The device also comes with a USB extension cable that ensures Apple iPads, iPhone or iPods can be connected to the unit and tracks stored on them played through the car's stereo system.

The Highway 300Di also comes with 30 station presets, backlit buttons and the ability to pause and rewind live digital radio and any other audio source. Furthermore, Pure said the dual tuners constantly update a 'dynamic station list' so all searchable stations are always available and any regional stations are cut from the list when the user drives out of that station's area.

The Highway 300Di builds on the success of the original Highway, which was launched in 2007, by removing the need to clutter the car with cables and doesn't require any holes to be drilled in the car either. However, unlike the original Highway which can be fitted by users themselves, the Highway 300Di must be professionally installed. However, for a limited period, Halfor5ds is currently offering free installation of the device, worth £24.99.

"We have sold almost four million digital radios and we know that our customers love them. Highway 300Di lets them access the same great content and user experience in-car that they've come to know and love in their home. We are delighted that the country's leading car audio retailer will be making Highway 300Di available to its customers; this is an important step forward for the sales of in-car digital radio adapters and will be a significant catalyst in helping digital radio switchover," said Paul Smith, PURE's general manager

The Pure Highway 300Di is available from Halfords now priced at £179.99.