Hot on the heels of its Move DAB 2500 portable digital radio, PURE has launched a model firmly intended to enhance home life. Whereas the Move 2500 is the ideal gym companion, the PURE Evoke Mio Orla Kiely Abacus Flower radio is more likely to grace an elegant kitchen shelf.

Created in collaboration with the renowned fashion and interior accessories designer, the Abacus Flower is a DAB and FM radio housed in a walnut cabinet and clad in a distinctive flower print. Echoing its intended use, there’s a kitchen timer as well as the usual features of a PURE Evoke Mio. These include an OLED screen that automatically dims or brightens depending on the amount of light available, 30 FM and DAB station presets, pausable onscreen station and artist information and an auxiliary input so the Evoke Mio's speaker can be used with an MP3 player.

When plugged in to the mains, the Evoke Mio can be set to wake up the owner via the built-in alarm or by switching on a specified radio station.

The PURE Evoke Mio Orla Kiely Abacus Flower DAB radio can also be used with a PURE ChargePak rechargeable battery. This costs £35 extra, but promises up to 24 hours of off-mains output. The radio measures 145x210x100mm. It will be firmware-upgradable via USB.

The £149 player is available now from or from Covent Garden and Kings Road stores in London. It is also being stocked by John Lewis. 

This is the second time PURE has launched a special design of DAB radio with Orla Kiely. Both designs are available. 

The original DAB radio with Orla Kiely styling is still available