Pure Digital has launched the Evoke Flow, a DAB and internet radio with Wi-Fi technology that allows users to enjoy internet radio without being tied to a PC.

Utilising the styling of Pure's Evoke 1-S, the sleek black device features touch-sensitive controls, a black chrome trim and an OLED display. It will broadcast DAB and FM radio stations through its 3in speaker. Alternatively, the integrated Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to stream audio stored on their PC or enjoy internet radio stations, listen again content and podcasts through its online media portal The Lounge.

A search function located on the Pure Evoke ensures internet stations can be accessed quickly and efficiently without having to scroll through hundreds of station names. Search topics include country, language and genre while the My Favourites facility ensures stations can be stored in the device's memory.

Pure describes the connection between The Lounge and the Evoke Flow as "a two-way flow" so that any favourites saved on the device will automatically appear in your own personal account on The Lounge. Users of the media portal will also have access to Pure Sounds - a library of 100 sounds such as heartbeats, cars and thunderstorms, which according to Pure are designed to create a 'Soundscape' either from your PC or the Evoke Flow.

"Evoke Flow maintains our commitment to the DAB format while allowing customers to 'top-up' their listening with additional content," said Colin Crawford, Pure's director of marketing.

Pure also announced that future upgrades to the device's software, which will be available through the Wi-Fi connection, will ensure users can download music and 'tag' songs, adverts and artists, which will see more information on the tagged items delivered to their account on the media portal.

Available from September, the Evoke Flow will be priced at £149.99 inc VAT.

Pure's Evoke Flow allows users to listen to internet radio without being tied to a PC

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