Audio and smartphone accessory maker Proporta has come up with a fine piece of retro nonsense: a Playback Pack that resembles an audio cassette tape.

Far from being merely a plastic case to protect your precious iPod classic, the Playback Pack allows you to view video on your darling MP3 player through its transparent casing. Furthermore, the Proporta Playback Pack has a handy stand to prop up your 2nd generation iPod classic so you can view your favourite video clips in comfort.

Thankfully, the unravelling brown cassette tape you see on this photo is simply there to illustrate the retro idea behind the Proporta Playback Pack's design. There's no need to get out a pencil and start reeling your unruly playlist back in.

The Proporta Playback Pack costs £14.95 and is compatible with 80GB and 120GB models of the Apple 2nd generation iPod classic.

It can be bought direct from

Proporta Playback Pack for iPod classic