Philips has launched an updated version of its Streamium WAC7000 wireless audio centre. The Philips WAC7500 is an 80GB base station that both plays CDs and houses all your music.

New to the setup with the WAC7500 is the option to access and play internet radio. Philips has deals with Live365, Radioio and BlueBeat internet radio services.

The device can also operate as part of a wireless home network so that any music stored on a PC can be accessed and played on the music server. Tracks can be transferred from the WAC7500 to the PC as well as from a PC to the device.

Philips says the 80GB internal disk on the WAC7500 is sufficient to store around 1,500 albums-worth of music. Albums are automatically ripped to the device’s memory when inserted, while music can also be played via an MP3 player attached to the WAC7500.

Philips is offering a free MP3 player dock compatible with the iPod and with its GoGear digital audio players too. This enables them to them to be recharged as well as playing music stored on them.

The wireless audio centre and Philips’ portable music and video players share a SuperScroll touchscreen track navigation interface.

Track information is supplied via the Gracenote ID database while album artwork is displayed in full colour on both the main and supplementary units.

With the addition of a second module, the £199 WAS7500, also launched this week, consumers can control playback of music stored on their wireless audio centre from other rooms.

Music can be piped into two or more rooms at once – ideal for a houseparty – or different songs can be selected to create different moods in different locations. Up to five WAS7500 stations can be used and served by the Philips WAC7500 at once.

Philips has tweaked the design of the flat-panel speakers built in to the main WAC7500 unit with dedicated tweeter panels that should deliver a cleaner and more detailed sound than on the previous model.

Philips Streamium WAC7500 wireless audio centre

Philips Streamium WAC7500 wireless audio centre can pump music into up to five different rooms at once

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