Philips Activa Sports MP3 player With spring well and truly under way and the likes of Eddie Izzard making us all feel like couch potatoes with his unstinting marathon running efforts, sports gadgets such as the Philips Activa personal trainer are bound to catch the eye (the fact it's bright orange admittedly helps).

Unlike your regular MP3 player, which merely serves up the songs you ask it to and that you routinely use to motivate you on the treadmill, the Activa's TempoMusic feature switches tracks to match your rhythm. Worse, it calls out to you to get your lazy legs moving when you had a mind to cool down a little. These are "words of encouragement", Philips says,

Calories burned and distance covered can also be tracked, along with personal targets and best times. In line with its sports focus, the Activa will have earphones that hook over the ears and a clip for the cable so you don't tangled up as you exercise. Running, cycling and rowing modes are supported.

Philips has yet to confirm the Activa is definitely set for a UK launch but we're hopeful of getting our hands on one to review, not least to sate our curiosity about the packaging that can be reused as a water bottle. Hmm.

Philips Activa Sports MP3 player