Orbitsound is launching a single-unit "spatial stereo soundbar" that aims to provide enough sound to fill an entire room from a single speaker unit. The Orbitsound t12 goes onsale for £340 next week.

The Orbitsound t12 sits on the floor or on a home entertainment console unit and pumps out audio from a single-point speaker. This, claims its maker, means the same true stereo can be enjoyed regardless of where in the room you’re sitting – not just when you’re sat directly in front of the unit. The audio output is supplemented by a powerful sub-bass.

The £349 Orbitsound t12 can be used in conjunction with any home entertainment setup, providing a dedicated stereo speaker setup with no need to buy an expensive add-on unit for your flatscreen TV.

Orbitsound points out that if you change your TV, you'd also have to dispense with the tailored accessories for it. This is not the case with the Orbitsound t12. Instead, it can be fitted underneath almost any TV.

Orbitsound t12 uses a technology known as airSound to generate “a uniform soundfield through the room” and is the first of a planned range of products to use this technique.

The Orbitsound t12 speaker will cost £349 and will be available from www.orbitsound.co.uk from 9 June or through retail outlets from July.

Orbitsound t12 single-point speaker unit

The Orbitsound t12 is a single-point speaker that claims to deliver stereo output throughout a room