While not the most appealing-looking of gadgets, the Lindy Wireless USB Audio Sender is one of the first to be capable of shunting audio from room to room from popular music-streaming service Spotify.

As with an internet radio system, you add the Lindy to a home wi-fi setup. It also works with iTunes and other media libraries and operates in the 2.4GHz wireless spectrum (that used by 802.11 b and g wireless networking products).

To work, the music source must be within a 50-metre range. The USB Sender attaches to the PC or Mac from which the music source is being streamed, with the receiver plugging in directly to the hi-fi or other output system.

As well as working with music-streaming and internet radio stations, the Lindy Wireless USB Audio Sender can play music stored locally on a PC or Mac or on a network hard drive.

You need a mains connection to power the Lindy, which works with Windows 2000, XP and Vista PCs and on Mac running MacOS 10.4 or higher.

£45 inc VAT from Lindy.co.uk.

Lindy Wireless USB Audio Sender