Noise-isolating earphones are a bit of a burgeoning market. Canadian MP3 player accessory maker iSkin is getting in on the act with these smart-looking in-earphones that work with the iPhone.

We're expecting a rash of new earphones and cases with both a hot new Apple product to accessorise and Christmas bearing down hard. Though you need an adapter to use these iSkin earphones with the iPhone, iSkin thoughtfully includes them in the box. At present, only V-Moda offers earphones with a native iPhone connector - rendering all other earphones redundant for use on Apple's handset except with a special adapter.

We’ve tried them out with a range of MP3 players. iSkin supplies a range of in-ear fittings, but we’re a bit non-plussed by the use of neodymium earth magnets. Perhaps that's what makes them so oddly 'heavy' in the ear. The neodymium is, apparently, critical to the 9mm driver that makes them sound so good.

More information about the Cerulean X1 noise-isolating earphones can be found at

You can get your hands on the iSkin Cerulean X1 earphones, for £70 inc VAT from online stores such as

iSkin Cerulean X1 earphones

iSkin Cerulean X1 noise-isolating earphones come with a special iPhone adapter