ION has come up with another cunning take on recording your music collection and bringing it into the 21st century. The ION LP 2 CD record deck plays and records your 12in albums and 7in singles and then lets you make CDs of them.

When it comes to digitising your vinyl music collection, there's a number of products available that will allow you to 'rip' your precious record collection to MP3. However, many of us don't want to be restricted to listening to the songs of our youth on a PC, laptop or iPod.

In fact, ION reckons there's plenty of us who'd prefer the option of listening to our freshly-digitised audio archives on CD. ION's LP 2 CD music converter provides the missing link to do just this, first digitising old albums before making a CD of them that we can then enjoy at leisure on our in-car CD player or home hi-fi.

The ION LP 2 CD measures 447x158x412mm and consists of a record deck and a CD burner and will record the songs to a digital format that it stores on its internal hard drive. These can then be burnt to CD.

You simply select which of the songs you've digitsed you want to burn to CD using the buttons and the digital display that also feature on the device. Alternatively, the record deck can also be connected to a PC via the bundled USB cable so the digital audio files can be transferred to your PC, iPod or any MP3 Player.

Priced at £299.99, the LP 2 CD is available from

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ION LP 2 CD audio converter