Ion is adding to its range of musical USB devices with the launch of the Ion iED05USB digital drum kit.

The £129 Ion iED05USB is aimed at those of you who fancy yourselves as the next Ringo Starr or Phil Collins but don't have the room or the spare cash for a full-size drum kit. The £129 ION iED05USB digital drum kit may not help you achieve your dream of becoming the world’s next greatest drummer, but we're sure you'll give it hell.

The adjustable drum kit simply plugs into your PC via a USB port and offers more than 200 realistic drum sounds. These are activated when the drum pads and cymbals are hit.

Bundled with Virtual Drum, a tutorial program, which lets you record yourself drumming on your PC and a drumming game for practise, the ION iED05USB digital drum kit is priced at £129 and is available from

No word from Firebox as yet on whether they intend to sell the Ion iED05USB drumming kit complete with pads so you can keep the neighbours sweet.

Ion iED05USB digital drum kit: drumming nirvana or neighbourly hell?

Ion iED05USB digital drum kit