Digital radio maker Intempo is exploring its wild side with the announcement of a product it dubs the Rebel. The Intempo Rebel is set to go onsale in late March or early April and enables users to record FM, DAB and web radio broadcasts. It will cost £70.

An oddball concept, the Intempo Rebel capitalises on the growing interest in 'listen again' TV and radio services delivered via the web. The BBC's iPlayer, for example, has been a runaway success, while both web radio and DAB (digital audio broadcasting) radios continue to be wildly popular in the UK.

The Intempo Rebel combines the appeal of the two, allowing users to record FM, online and DAB music programming for later enjoyment and playback at leisure on any device they choose. It's cleverer than that though: the Rebel works out the best recording of any songs that have been played more than once and saves only the superior version.

The Intempo Rebel also strips out any annoying ads and unwanted DJ chat, then serves up the lot as a playlist for you. Using PopCatcher software, it ‘samples’ 24 hours-worth of music and records it to MP3 format for transfer to a mobile phone or portable audio player.

While the £70 inc VAT device natively supports only FM recordings, the addition of a line-in cable enables users to record DAB and web radio broadcasts too.

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Intempo Rebel radio recorder

Intempo Rebel radio recorder