Intempo has expanded its range of iPod speaker docks with InSession, a compact black iPod dock with a 25 Watt speaker. The unit costs £79.

The mains-powered Intempo InSession measures 230x95x120mm and weighs 1.5kg. Your iPod sits on a ledge in front of the fabric-covered 25W speaker. The speaker itself has an integrated 9W sub-woofer.

Music playback is controlled on the InSession using its backlit buttons, but Intempo also supplies a remote control so you don't need to get up from the couch and switch tracks. Intempo says the remote control will enable equaliser settings such as bass and treble to be adjusted, along with the volume. 

"It may be compact but it really does punch above its weight and its impressive sound ensures it won't be overlooked, even when the music is played at low volume." said Katie Richards, Intempo's marketing manager

The Intempo InSession is priced at £79 and is available now from Amazon.


The Intempo InSession allows iPod users to enjoy their tracks through a 25W speaker

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