Intempo has announced details of the Fusion - a £99 DAB/FM radio with iPod dock.

Available from mid-September, the glossy black device allows users to enjoy DAB and FM radio or tracks stored on their iPod.

The Intempo Fusion has an integrated 25 Watt speaker with sub-woofer. The dock, which is compatible with all iPod MP3 players, recharges the music player while users enjoy listeningx to music.

Intempo says it deliberately made the dock on the Fusion curve away from the speaker so that the the iPod controls are as accessible as possible.

The Fusion comes with a remote control, but also has buttons to the right of the dock area to play, pause and skip audio tracks and select other radio stations.

The £99 Intempo Fusion will cost £99 and will be available from

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Intempo Fusion DAB radio and iPod dock