Seoul's SEK exhibition this week has the usual mix of gadgets and toys to keep attendees amused as they walk the aisles. We took a look at some of those devices. See links at bottom for all.

Some showgoers were more interested in the stand dollies than the gadgets. Shock horror.

South Korea's iLuv probably had the hottest stand at SEK. Prominent at the booth were iPod accessories, like the i199 stereo, which has an iPod dock and Bluetooth receiver for hooking up with any MP3 player with a Bluetooth transmitter or dongle.

But unfortunately for the company, the buzz wasn't around its products as much as the seven beauties that took to its stage every hour or so to pose for throngs of camera-wielding show-goers. The girls were holding a few of the company's products but that all seemed to be lost in the mix.

Even pictures that made the national newspapers did little to highlight the products being promoted.

Other SEK new products:

iRiver B20 MP3 player

Samsung video phone

MVix Media Player

Uren Mobile Auto PC

KWorks KW-H100 child tracker