i2i have launched the Wireless Audio Stream, a gadget that can be plugged into any device and allow it to stream the audio.

The Wireless Audio Stream has two 2.4GHz wireless transceivers, measures 190mmx130mmx670mm and can be plugged into your TV or MP3. The other transceiver plugs in to your speaker system, as along as its within 30 feet of the first receiver. Then enjoy the audio from your MP3 player through your speaker without the need for wires drapped all over your living room.

i2i says signal is HD quality and uncompressed ensuring there is very little if any loss of sound quality and it comes bundled with a jack to jack headphone lead so you can can connect it to the audio out jack on any device.

Priced at £79.99 the i2i Wireless Audio Stream is available now from eBay, Amazon and online gadget stores.