Audio accessory maker Gear4 has come up with a £30 Bluetooth-based speaker that is capable of pumping out 8W of sound and that doesn’t need wires.

The Gear4 StreetParty Blu wireless speaker is powered by AA batteries and communicates with a similarly Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player, laptop or PC over a PAN (personal area network).

Music can be sent over distances of approximately 10 metres and can be transmitted from mobile phones as well as iPods, MP3 players and laptops.

For those that don’t want to depend on battery power alone, there’s an AC input for mains connecting the Gear4 StreetParty Blu speaker to the mains.

Gear4 says the slimline speaker is just 2.4cm thick and the “multi-device compatibility makes this speaker system ideal for both home use and travelling.”

Gear4 was set up in 2004 as a specialist iPod accessory maker and has since expanded into designing and selling audio products for the phone and gaming markets.

Gear4 StreetParty Blu wireless speaker

Gear4 StreetParty Blu wireless speaker costs £30 and can accept and play music from sources including MP3 players, mobile phones, PCs and laptops