Etymotic has launched a hands-free headset designed for mobile phones.

Its maker is pushing the hf2 headset as an ideal companion for the Apple iPhone 3G, but it can be used with any phone or MP3 player that has a 3.5mm jack.

The hf2 headset consists of Etymotic's ER-4P noise isolating earphones and an on-cable microphone end/send switch that enables you to receive and make calls without removing the hf2s from your lugholes.

The earphones themselves have 3-flange eartips that make it possible for users to hear the full dynamic range of a recording without having to play the earphones at very high volume.

When a call comes in, the headset automatically mutes and pause the track that is playing and resume playback once the call is over. The headset switch can also be used to click on to the next album or playlist track.

The Etymotic hf2 headset costs £99. For full details, see

Etymotic hf2 headset for iPhone