All of a sudden, micro MP3 players are back. First Apple chopped down its Shuffle player then, last month, Creative came up with the Zen Stone – another minute player that was admirable for its straightforward approach and low cost (£28 for 1GB).

Perhaps it's got something to do with the fact that you can now get video as well as photos on portable players that, until the last year or so proferred music, sometimes photos and the odd line of so of onscreen information.

Today, Creative has redoubled its efforts in this area of the MP3 market by announcing a more capable companion to the Zen Stone, the Zen Stone Plus. The Plus is a 2GB player that has a clock/stopwatch and a small screen so you can actually see what it is that's assaulting your eardrums.

Available in black, white, red, blue, pink and green, the Stone Plus has an FM radio, microphone and voice recorder, customisable equaliser and shortcut key and recharges via USB. Tracks are loaded on to it via the USB connection too.

Creative says accessories including a speaker docking station, the £30 TravelSound Zen Stone, as well as wristbands and silicon skins, will be sold alongside the Zen Stone Plus at