Digital music is marvelously convenient, but having an iPod or PC hard drive full of iTunes tracks doesn’t solve the question of what to do with all the music that you’ve got on CD or vinyl.The Cocktail Audio Music Streamer aims to marry both halves of your music collection by storing all your CDs and LPs on its hard disk along with your MP3s.

The device does the hard work of ‘ripping’ your CDs and cataloguing them. There’s also an internet radio. An optional Wi-Fi adapter lets you stream music from other network sources. Ethernet ports are included. Auxiliary line-in ports mean you can hook up a record deck and rip your vinyl to disk too. Playlists are supported, as is a wide range of music formats from MP3 and AAC to Ogg Vorbis, Flac and WAV files.

You can browse the contents of your enviable integrated music database via the 3.5in colour display on the Cocktail Audio and scroll through albums using the supplied remote control. A diskless version costs £279, while a 500GB version is £349 inc VAT and a 1TB model £369. Matching bookshelf speakers to use with the music streamer are £79 a pair.

The Cocktail Audio Music Streamer is available from Selwyn Electronics.