Brando is launching an MP3 player alarm clock that costs just £24.

If, like me, you’re still mastering the art of travelling light, then the Brando MP3 player will go some way to minimising your luggage.

Measuring just 248x84x42mm and weighing 343g, Brando's Music Alarm Clock has a built-in 1GB flash memory and an SD card slot. Music is added to the device via the mini USB port. WMA (Windows Media Audio and MP3 tracks can then be dragged and dropped on to the device's icon.

Rather than being woken up by an insistent buzzer, Brando believes many of us would prefer to wake up to our favourite song. A digital clock on the Brando gizmo displays the time and there's a snooze function that will play music every five minutes until stopped. The Music Alarm Clock also has a built-in stereo FM radio.

Priced at $48 (£24), the Brando Music Alarm Clock is being sold in the US. Refreshingly, its maker offers worldwide shipping at a cost of just $3 (£1.50) regardless of its destination.

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Brando MP3 player alarm clock

Brando MP3 player alarm clock