AudiOffice by invoxia is a great way to solve the problem of a redundant office telephone line, rubbish iPhone battery life and office stereo in one stylish device. invoxia say, the device will be on sale in the UK in March and will cost £299 inc. VAT.

After winning the  Best of CES Innovations award 2012 for its Smart Office Phone, invoxia is really striking while the iron is hot and launching a new and improved  product at Mobile World Congress 2012 just a month later.

The AudiOffice (nothing to do with the German car manufacturers) by intoxia is designed for professionals who use iOS devices when they are in and out of the office. The idea is simply to dock your iPhone into the AudiOffice, and hey presto, it's now an iPhone dock and a desktop telephone that can be answered simply by lifting the much more comfortable receiver.

While the docking and Bluetooth connectivity of the AudiOffice are good, it's the device's speakers and microphones that makes the product as good as it is. Four wide-bandwidth speakers and two digital microphones crammed into a box smaller than a pack of A4 paper is the real reason this is such a good product. When we were demoed the audio quality today at MWC, we were blown away with the performance and clarity of it - and could instantly see the device being used for conference calls too!

We were also shown the product's more than ample background noise-cancelling ability here today too, and amazingly from the audio quality alone, we wouldn't have known we were receiving a phone call from the middle of a busy conference...but we were there, so we did!

The AudiOffice also offers automatic connection via an iPhone app as well as multiple Bluetooth device pairing, to enable Android and other smartphone brands to work with the device.

Without waffling on (much more) this device is pretty special. If you're looking for a space saver on your desk that is quality through and through, then this product needs some serious consideration. The only drawback is that the price, £299 is a lot for what is primarily a desktop phone. So you need to make sure you're going to use it as both an office desktop speaker and iPhone dock as well to really justify spending that much money on it.

AudiOffice by Invoxia

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