PC Advisor has launched an iPad edition of its monthly technology magazine - and you can read the 200th issue of PC Advisor today, on your iPad, for free.

The PC Advisor Magazine for iPad app is free to install, and you get the first issue entirely free of charge. The PC Advisor Magazine app contains all the great technology reviews, news, tips, tricks and tutorials you can find in our monthly print magazine, especially designed for Apple's market-leading tablet. Compatible with all iPads, PC Advisor Magazine requires iOS 3.2 or later to install and view.

You get the first issue for free when you download the app, with no obligation to purchase more. After that, you can buy single issues for £2.49, subscribe for 6 months at £14.59 or for 12 months at £19.99.

PC Advisor delivers expert, trustworthy and impartial buying advice to home and business PC users who want to buy new products and make the most of equipment they already own. With more than 1.6 million readers, PC Advisor is the UK's best read technology magazine.

PC Advisor Magazine For iPad

First published in 1995 by IDG, the world's leading IT publisher, PC Advisor has built a considerable reputation for offering comprehensive and impartial buying advice, informed and easy-to-understand tutorials and workshops, as well as ground-breaking coverage of technology news and events.

With easy to understand reviews covering both hardware and software, from smartphones, laptops and tablet PCs to graphic cards, netbooks and printers, our bespoke testing procedure measures performance against price and customer service, so readers know which product offers the best value for money.

PC Advisor Magazine For iPad

PC Advisor Daily is the seventh free mobile app launched by PC Advisor since early 2011. Also available is PC Advisor for iPhone and Android, and three other iPad apps: PC Advisor Daily, Tech TV, TechFish and Tech Help.

Users of Android tablets can continue to read PC Advisor magazine via the Zinio newstand.

So why wait? Click here to read PC Advisor Magazine on your iPad.