Apple today announced the latest iteration of its MacBook Air thin and light laptop at its WWDC keynote in San Francisco. Here are full details of the new MacBook Air, including MacBook Air specs.

The new MacBook Air comes in 11in and 13in flavours, and starts at £849. It is available immediately. See all MacBook reviews.

The new MacBook Air ships with a third-generation Intel Core processor: the recently launched family of processors that Intel calls 'Intel Ivy Bridge' offers reduced power consumption and improved on-chip graphics performance - indeed, at the Apple keynote that kicked off WWDC today, Phil Schiller said that the new Air would enjoy up to 60 percent better integrated graphics performance. See also: New MacBook Pro has Retina display.

Apple's MacBook Air will ship with up to 2.0GHz of dual-core i7 speed, depending on the configuration chosen. Using Intel'sTurbo Boost technology, the processors can be pushed up to 3.2GHz, to supplement the up to 8GB of 1600MHz memory with which each MacBook Air will ship.

New MacBook Air: flash storage

11in MacBook Air Schiller said the MacBook Air is built around flash memory, and revealed that the new MacBook Air comes with up to a staggering 512GB of solid state storage. This is, Schiller said, because flash memory is 'zippy and quick', promising more than 500MBps of read speed, according to Apple. This is, of course, faster than any hard drive.

Keeping up the speed theme, Schiller said that the MacBook Air's input and output ports were also quicker than ever. The MacBook Air will now come with USB 3.0, as well as USB 2.0, although unusually both technologies will be available in a single port, which will simply utilise the best connection possible.

The MacBook Air has also gained a 720p FaceTime camera for video calling (it's the same camera as was already available in the MacBook Pro, according to Schiller).

New MacBook Air: 'everyone wants to copy it'

13in MacBook Air Describing the MacBook Air Schiller said: "Everyone is trying to copy it. But they find it's not so easy."

The 11in MacBook Air comes in two flavours, costing £849 and £929, depending on the spec. The 13in Air costs £999 or £1,249. The most basic spec has only 4GB RAM and just a 64GB SSD, and a 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 that Turbo Boost will take up to 2.6GHz.

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