Apple tonight recapped some of the previously announced updates included in the upcoming iOS 5 operating system, and revealed that iOS 5 will be available on October 12.  

To recap: iOS includes unified messaging app iMessage, location-based reminders, Twitter integration, a feature called Newsstand that lets download subscription newspapers on the fly, camera enhancements, onboard photo editing, Reader for Safari, a much-improved Mail app, and the ability to use your iOS device out of the box without synching with a PC.

Apple's Eddy Cue talked up the much-vaunted iCloud system, which allows users to wirelessly synch music and video between various devices - albeit with some caveats for UK users. Apple also talked up iTunes Match - the way in which people who own music in various places and formats can pay a fee to own versions of the same songs in the cloud, synched to all their devices.iTunes Match will be available globally by the end of the year.

A new app was announced: Find my Friends. Similar in approact to Google Latitude, this allows you to track the location of friends and family.

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