That you can search Wikipedia in a web browser isn’t news, but the Windows 8 application has been built specifically to make the most of the touch capabilities and new user interface. The Wikipedia app is completely free and gives you access to everything on the popular website but with a Windows 8 look and feel.

Split into four sections you initially have access to featured pictures, featured articles, recent changes and an ‘On this day’ section. The featured pictures and articles sections are split into tiles so you can quickly tap on them to see more, they are chosen at random so you can find some of the more eclectic entries on the site.

The On this day tiles show you a range of articles based on the day you open the app. The Recent changes tiles show you all of the edits that have been made to articles in the last few hours and days.

Searching Wikipedia for a specific article is easy too, simply fire up the Wikipedia app and hit the search charm and type the subject you’re after. The search results are shown in the charm bar and you click on the one you’re after, the article will instantly be shown in the application.

Because the app is designed to make the most of Windows 8 you can use the touch screen to swipe through the articles and each is formatted perfectly for your screen. You have access to all the same data as on the full Wikipedia site and you can click on any of the links to see more information. Links to other Wikipedia pages will open in the app and any external sites will open in your chosen browser.

The Wikipedia app is perfect for those times when you want to just find out something new and interesting from the random articles that are shown, but also to find that specific thing you’ve always wanted to know about. Wikipedia for Windows 8 is free and makes the most of your touch screen device and the Windows interface and it’s completely free. The Wikipedia app on Windows 8 really makes reading and browsing articles on the site much easier.

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