When using your PC or laptop, if you click an icon in Windows 7's taskbar, does it move to the centre of the screen? That's what happened to one reader, and she had no idea who to prevent it happening. Fortunately our Helproom Expert was on hand to solve the problem.

QUESTION When using my PC, my Windows 7 volume control mysteriously moves to the centre of the screen every time I click its icon in the taskbar. The control works as normal, but how do I move it back to the taskbar? Chrissy

HELPROOM ANSWER This rare problem is rather easily solved, Chrissy. Desktop-management software, such as AMD's HydraVision, is designed to reposition dialogs in more convenient screen locations. This can be helpful when viewing your desktop across multiple monitors, but it can also be enabled for use on a single screen. HydraVision can sometimes cause the strange behaviour you describe.

Using HydraVision as an example, we can return the volume control to the taskbar simply by disabling an option in AMD's Catalyst Control Center application.

First, right-click an empty part of the desktop and select 'Catalyst Control Center'. Click the HydraVision tab on the left, then choose Desktop Manager. Disable dialog repositioning in the Dialog Control section.

Click Apply to save your changes and the volume control should return to the taskbar. Alternative advice on dealing with a moving taskbar is offered here. See also: How to get bigger Taskbar previews in Windows 7.

Catalyst Control Center

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