A UK reader wrote to us asking how to use Quicken with Windows 7. Our Helproom Expert was happy to advise.      

QUESTION I want to use Windows 7, but it isn't compatible with Quicken. The 2004 version installs fine, then produces the 'MFC70.dll missing' error when I try to launch it. I followed the link to the Quicken update noted in one of your previous Helproom answers, but found only new versions for sale. It's my understanding that those produced after 2004 aren't suitable for use with Sterling. James Leary

HELPROOM ANSWER Quicken XG 2004, the final version of some use in the UK market, is not supported under Windows 7. However, we found several reports online from users who have been able to get it working. We don't have a copy of Quicken with which to verify these procedures, but they are worth a try. Be sure to back up your system before you begin.

If you have a working installation of Quicken XG 2004 on Windows XP, copy the files from your Quicken folder to a USB stick. Install Quicken on the Windows 7 PC and jot down the DLL files it reports missing (most likely MFC70.dll and MSVCP70.dll). You can then copy these from your USB stick to the Quicken folder in Windows 7. Fingers crossed this will solve the problem.

Another workaround is to simply ignore the missing DLL error messages and launch the program by double-clicking the 'qw' file in Quicken's installation folder. If this works, save a shortcut to that file to your desktop for fast access to Quicken.

If you're having trouble starting the installation, try running the installer in compatibility mode. Right-click the start.exe file, then choose 'Windows XP SP3' compatibility and enable 'Run as Administrator'. Do the same for 'qw.exe'.

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