If your PC or laptop tries to update, without success, every time it shuts down, our Helproom Expert has advice.

QUESTION I read with interest your piece: Identify and fix a failed Windows update. I've been experiencing a similar problem since the end of last year, and it's getting worse. It started with just one download and has now escalated to six, each time the PC is shut down. On each occasion the updates reportedly successfully install. I tried the fix you suggested, but to no avail. How can I stop these updates from downloading and installing successfully every time I shut down?

HELPROOM ANSWER The specific updates causing the problem are KB2600217, KB2686827, KB2656405, KB2656368, KB2604121 and KB2656351.

All these updates are for Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0, and we suspect it's the installation of .Net Framework 4.0 itself
that has become corrupted.

First, try to repair your installation of Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 by typing uninstall in the Start menu Search box and selecting ‘Uninstall a program'. Select Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 Client Profile, then choose the Repair option. You will be prompted to restart the PC.

Next, try running Windows Update to find out whether the problem has been resolved. If this doesn't work, you can try the .Net Framework Cleanup Tool.

.NET Framework Cleanup Tool User's Guide

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