Windows 10 has some pretty nifty features when compared to its predecessors. But as Microsoft giveth, so it taketh away. Unless you were lucky enough to upgrade from a higher-tiered edition of Windows 7 or 8.1, which replaced Windows Media Centre with Windows DVD Player, you will find it impossible to play DVD movies at all.

While many laptops and PCs now come without DVD drives, if you happen to have one and want to watch your DVDs, we’ll show you how to do just that in Windows 10 with the excellent VLC Player.

Microsoft decided to remove Windows Media Centre from Windows 10 but gave people upgrading from Pro or Ultimate versions of Windows 7 / 8 Windows DVD Player. For everyone else this is a paid app in the Windows Store that currently costs £12.49/$14.99.

It also currently has a three-star rating, and can't play Blu-ray discs.

How can I watch DVDs on Windows 10 for free?

VLC is one of the first apps we install on any new PC or laptop. It plays almost any type of media without fuss (CDs, DVDs, digital formats, streaming), runs on all major platforms, and is completely free. With the right extra files it will also play Blu-rays.

There are currently two versions of the app available; one on the Windows Store a standard desktop version which you can download here..

Once the download is finished double-click on the file (usually in your Downloads folder), agree to let it make changes on your system, select your language, then follow the installation wizard ensuring that you choose the recommended settings.

Play DVDs in Windows 10

When the installation is complete insert a DVD into your drive, then open VLC, select Media > Open Disc from the menu bar at the top.

Play DVDs in Windows 10

Select your DVD drive from the Disc Device drop-down list (usually D:), and click Play. Now you should have access to your DVD library once more, and it's all smiles again. It's a great idea to turn your DVDs into MP4 files so you can watch them on any device, even without a DVD drive.

Play DVDs in Windows 10

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